Envoi: Taking Leave Of Roy Foster


Contents 3
: Mangling Irish History: Professor Roy Foster's Achievement Surveyed by Brendan Clifford 5
Sullivan's Story 9
Remembering Mullaghmast 13
Lady Ferguson 16
Ruritania 18
The Veto Controversy: A Sullivan/Foster Deletion 28
Foster Makes It Up 32
Romantic Nationalism 35
The Christian Brothers 38
Postscript 48
Anglophobia 49
Unhistorical Existence : Professor Longley 51
De Certeau 63
Eroding Irish History 70
Unconditional Obedience: 1843 & 1919 73
Foster On 1914-21 81
The Great War 85
Connolly 86
: Selling The Product: Some Observations On Roy Foster's The Irish Story, Telling Tales And Making It Up In Ireland by Julianne Herlihy 94
Introduction 95
Foster's Reviewing Circle 97
The Interviews And Reviews: Craig Brown; Patricia Craig; Penny Perrick; Clare Harman; Cal McCrystal; Catriona Crowe; Ruth Dudley Edwards; Jonathan Freedland; Tim Teeman; Inter-active Foster; Eunan O'Halpin; Mick Heaney; Fintan O'Toole; Anne McHardy; Terry Eagleton; Nicholas Harmon; Sean Coughlan; Edna Longley; Owen Dudley Edwards; About Aisling; Commendations; Barra O Seaghdha; Valerie Grove; Kevin O'Neill; John Lloyd; Thomas Bartlett; Bernard O'Donoghue; Off The Shelf 98
Some Observations On The Irish Story 133
Epilogue 144
: Appendices 151
One: Irish Revisionism, School History, And The Invisibility Of Women. A Review Of Roy Foster's Modern Ireland by David Alvey 151
Two: Past Events And Present Politics, Roy Foster's Modern Ireland by Brian Murphy osb 181
Index 201

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