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Aubane Historical SocietyJuly 28, 2013Willowbrook - a flawed EdenJim O'Brienn/aA memoir of growing up in Millstreet, Co. Cork. New book added to Athol Books online sales site.
Athol Books9th., July 2013Obituary:—Ruari O'BradaighEditorialIPR, July 2013
Church & State9th., July 2013Egypt: Hardly A Coup ?EditorialChurch & State, 3rd Quarter 2013
Athol Books6th., July, 2013First Wold War Anti-German PropagandaEamon DyasProblems, No. 13, First Quarter, 2013
Athol Books5th. July, 2013Minimum Wage, Part TwoEamon DyasProblems, 2nd. Quarter, 2012
Athol BooksJune 29th., 2013Minimum Wage, Part OneEamon DyasProblems, No. 9 & 10
Athol Books13th., June, 2013The Dublin / Monaghan Bombings 1974 by Lt. Col. Morgan (Retd.)n/an/aDespite official enquiries into the Dublin/Monaghan Bombings, no satisfactory answers have ever been found as to who carried them out.  Even though these Bombings caused the biggest loss of life of a single operation of the whole Troubles, garda investigations were wound up after three months—with no proper explanation of what had happened;  no prosecutions were ever brought.
This book is about the efforts of Colonel Morgan to rescue the event from oblivion and to find answers as to what happened.
Athol Books10th. June, 2013Good Friday Agreement: Working Too WellEditorialIPR, June 2013
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